My most frequently asked question at the moment is whether the van can be collected earlier than the 5pm pick up time and dropped off later than 10am when it is due back.

I always say that I will do my best to get the van ready as quickly as we can and, if we can get it ready earlier than 5pm, then, of course, you can have it earlier. I can be flexible about the return time if it is not booked but otherwise, it needs to be back so that it doesn’t affect someone else’s holiday.

However, the reality is that the van is more akin to a holiday property that needs to be thoroughly cleaned and checked between hirers rather than a fleet of hire vehicles that can be picked up when you ask for one.

Also, it’s a movable holiday property so we are reliant on hirers bringing it back on time! If the van is not back on time, this can affect the next hirer’s pick up time as inevitably, we will be behind schedule before we even start cleaning and doing all our vehicle checks and any repairs necessary between hires. Occasionally, it has been late due to traffic issues so this needs to be factored in to the handover.

We always had high standards of cleanliness prior to Covid but now we go the extra mile to keep our customers (and us!) safe. So our cleaning processes are taking longer with no surface being left untouched, everything cleaned, then dried and then disinfected. I hope this explains that we do our best to accommodate our hirers’ wishes but we also have to keep everyone safe and why we have a longer handover period.