For someone who wanted to be a journalist when she grew up, seeing my name in print in the Times was a huge thrill! Thanks to the power of Twitter, I spoke to a Times journalist seeking opinions on a new campervan tax. The finished article is here:

I hope you can make it past the paywall. The headline is a little dramatic and definitely “clickbait”. The gist of the changes is that new camper vans and motor homes registered after 1st September 2019 are now classified as cars rather than commercial vehicles. New camper vans are now taxed at £2,135 instead of £265! New emissions rules have prompted the change.

There are already moves to persuade the Treasury to reverse their decision. I stated in the article that it would be a shame if it did affect the sales of camper vans, just as they are growing in popularity. It’s not a perfect solution environmentally but it does mean that people take fewer flights, reducing their carbon footprint.

Thanks to the Times for featuring my business. Would the tax put you off buying a new camper van?